Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Sydney paper recently pubished the photo of " Doctor Kwong Sue Duck, of Queensland, surrounded by his three wive 3 and 55 children. The gentle Kwong is 58, very wealthy, and worth a mint of money to any country troubled with a failing birthrate. Recently he took a number of his family to China, and the outlay for fares alone was over £400. Bay Of Plenty Times, Volume XLVI, Issue 6953, 21 December 1917, Page 3

The case is over. Clear the Court.' Mr Thomas Quoi realises that the game of banking doesn't pay when you cash forged J625 cheqnes.
Observer, Volume XV, Issue 856, 25 May 1895, Page 12

Also, the eminent clerk occasionally troubled Mr Thomas Quoi to cash a"] little" cheque after banking hours. It was ' such a convenience, you know ' — to the eminent clerk. And then Mr Quoi was always ready to honour { the doctor's name.'

' Tommy make room for your uncle, there's a little dear.' « Oh, no, Mr Quoi, that is not my cheque. It is a forgery. Very sorry, but I cannot accept it.'

Observer, Volume XV, Issue 856, 25 May 1895, Page 12

Mr and Mrs Thos. Quoi.

A VERY MIXED- MARRIAGE. Mr and Mrs Thos. Quoi.

Observer, Volume X, Issue 603, 24 January 1891, Page 16