Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese Students Return To Australia And N.Z.

Chinese Students Return To Australia And N.Z.

ALTHOUGH Japan is 'a militaristic nation some of the Japanese are very good,' said Mr. Gordon Lowe, a New Zealand-born Chinese student who with four companions, is returning from China in the Changte, whicn passed through Brisbane yesterday. They felt, he added, that there should be no argument between the two countries. It resembled brothers fight ins:. The five in the picture, reading from left to right, are Messrs. Sidney Lei and Jimmy Lum born in Sydney and Gordon Lowe, Stan Wing, and Yuke Wong She, born in New Zealand. They have been pursuing their studies for six years in Hong Kong. Mr. Lowe is a nephew of the late Mr. David Chen See, managing director of the Sincere Company, at Kowloon, Mr. See was recently stabbed to death. Mr. Lowe's activities in Hong Kong were mainly educational. He was born in Hamilton, New Zealand, and 10 years ago was well known in football circles, playing as a half-back for Hamilton Technical School

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld.Tuesday 4 January 1938

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