Friday, July 8, 2011

"Evening Post" Photo. DISTINGUISHED CHINESE VISITORS.— The Hon. Lin Sun, Stale Councillor of the Chinese National Government, and President of the Legislative Yuan, and the Hon. Chan Yew Foon, President of the Commission of Overseas Chinese Affairs, and a member of the executive of the Chinese Nationalist Party, arrived from Australia to-day. The photograph shows a group taken in front of the Chinese Consulate this morning. Fourth from the left is Mr. T. D. H. Hall,-Clerk of the House of Representatives, representing the Speaker (Sir Charles Statham); then, left to right, are the Hon. Ou Tsin Shuing, Consul for China, the Hon. Lin Sun, the jHon. Chan Yew Foon, Mr. Y. Jackson, Vice-Consul .for China, and Mr. C. S. Falconer, Chairman pf the National Council of the V.M.C.A. Evening Post, Volume CXI, Issue 115, 18 May 1931, Page 7

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