Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pearl River Delta Villages and Pacific ports, 1849-1949
Author(s) Williams, Michael Citation Issue Date 2002

This thesis examines the movements of people between villages of the Pearl River
Delta and destinations around the Pacific between 1849 and 1949. It is about links
between ‘native places’ or qiaoxiang (􁉞􁁢) and Pacific destinations that developed
and sustained these movements over several generations.1 To enable an in-depth
investigation of this history, Zhongshan County (􀕭􀕞􁗼) and the sub-district of
Long Du (􁁼􀺟) within this county, have been chosen along with the three ‘Pacific
Ports’ of Sydney, Hawaii and San Francisco. These three Pacific ports were the main
destinations for people from qiaoxiang in Zhongshan County and particularly Long

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