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A large meeting of hotel and restaurant employe's was lately held at Central Hotel, to take steps for prevtfnting the wholesale employment of Chinese in hotels and restaurants. It was pointed out in forcible language by the various speakers that the Chinese were squeezing themselves into positions hitherto occupied by Europeans only, and that if vigorous action were not taken, in the course of a few' years New Zealand would be as badly off as is California at the present time, where the Chinese take the place of European cooks, waiters, and. even laundresses. A resolution was passed by the meeting thanking the proprietors of the Evening Chronide for sending a reporter to the meeting) and soliciting the support of that journal in aid of the movement to stem the advance of the "Yellow Agony" in New Zealand. We have already written with great emphasis, on this burning question. We shall continue to use every lawful means to keep the' Chinese from ruining the industrial classes of this fair young colony. The Chinese cook or waiter works for smaller pay then a European could live upon. The Mongolian has only himself to maintain, whilst the European has a wife and family to support. Moreover the Chinaman will be as humble as a slave, whilst the. European, -whilst doing his work like a man, will not submit to be trampled on by his master. It is the duty of the people of New Zealand to discountenance this slavish spirit. We area nation of freemen, and we must cultivate the feelings of freeman through all ranks of Bociety even to the verv humblest. Again the money saved by the European is spent in the colony whilst the Chinaman hoards up his earnings to the last farthing and takes them back to China. We call upon the public of New Zealand to show in an unmistakeable manner their disapprobation of the conduct of those hotelkeepers who employ Chinese labor.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume VI, Issue 911, 3 October 1879, Page 2

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