Thursday, May 10, 2012

baby Chuey Gow,

The other baby, Chuey Gow, is fifteen months old. He finds himself in prison with his mother and step-father after a curious set of circumstances. On 23rd May, Chuey Gow had his first birthday and his father, Percy Chong Gow, celebrating the auspicious ovent according to the Orient, returned home laden with a birthday cake, sweetmeats, and crackers. That night he became ill and steadily declined. Dr. J. Young Wai, the young Chinese medical graduate of the Sydney University, and other doctors failed to securo an improvement in his condition and the wo)l-to-do Chinese refused to remain iv hospital. Besides taking the medicines prescribed for him ho also obtained some of the age-old herbs of China aDd induced his wife to prepare them. Howevor, nothing availed him and ho steadily declined until tho night of 19th July when he died. Ho was buried two days later, find nine days afterwards his attractivo half.-cast-e widow married 20-year-old Ernest Percival Trapman, seaman in His Majesty's Royal Australian .Navy. Subsequently detectives secretly exhumed the body of the deud Cinnamon and submitted it to tho Government Medical Officers for examination. The stomach, according to tho Government Analyst, revealed traces of arsenic. And so, last Thursday night tho young man-o'-warsman, Trapman, and his Hong Kong brido were arrested and both were charged wit!. m,urder. There was a touching sceno as tho pair parted in the corridor leading to'the cells at tho Sydney Central Police Station. The sailor passionately caressed liis seductive Eastern bride, avid the littlo chattering Chinese baby. Tho baby, distressed by all the strange stern faces and alarmed at the cold, dark corridor, clung to the uniform of his step-father. Really, one can give some thought to the- question of the plight of the two babies and their future—one consigned to the waveƟ, the other (if only temporarily, perhaps) to a prison cell. Evening Post, Volume CVI, Issue 57, 17 September 1928, Page 9

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