Tuesday, August 5, 2014


HAR GEE CHANS IN NEW ZEALAND The history of the Chans from Har Gee in New Zealand began with the arrival of the first men from the village in the 1890s. The men represented several families, a large proportion of the village community, all determined to make money to improve their living standards back in China. Their intention was always to live in China but a series of unfortunate historical incidents in the 1930s-1940s meant that that decision was taken out of their hands. Since then there have been several generations of Chans who now call New Zealand home and can proudly trace their ancestry back to a little village called Har Gee in Guangdong, China. Published by the Har Gee Chans Reunion Committee 2014, this book celebrates the 75th year of arrival of our Har Gee womenfolk and children in 1939. 從下基村來新西蘭的陳氏子孙

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