Saturday, March 5, 2011

Auckland Market Gardens

Some alarm has been caused in Auckland by a report submitted to the Newton Borough Council by Inspector Hickson, who stated that the constable at Surrey Hills, in making inquiries amongst Chinamen, had come across one (whose name he could not find out) washing his vegetables m a creek which separates the districts of Eden terrace and Archill, and which contained the sewerage of both these districts, and also the drainage from the Symonds street cemetery. From the appearance of the place, the constable stated he should say that the hole had been generally used for the same purpose. Mr J. Currie, sanitary inspector, said he had visited the place indicated, and had found a number of bunches of carrots, parsnips, turnips, and spring onions lying soaking m what was practically a sewer, through which passed the drainage of Karangahape Ward, Eden terrace and Archill. Some Chinamen m the neighbourhood were supplied with the city water. In this particular instance it had been cut off, and the only water available was the foul sewage mentioned, the smell from which was simply abominable. This appeared to be a very serious menace to public health, as the poisonous germs m the water must be carried into the houses vhere the vegetables were used. Several nembers spoke strongly on the subject, mt as it appeared that the creek mentioned was not within the jurisdiction of the Newton Council the report was sent to the Archhill Board.

Timaru Herald, Volume LVIII, Issue 1766, 29 May 1895, Page 2

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