Sunday, April 3, 2011

THE FUNGUS TEADE (From the New Zealand Herald)
The trade in fungus carried on in this Colony has long afforded food for speculaire discussion as to what uses it was put to by the Chinamen. The attention of the Customs authorities has also been called of late years to the export of fungus from this Colony to China, and inquiries have been instituted as to its destination, use, and value. We have been furnished by Mr Hill, Collector of Customs at this port, with copies of correspondence on the subject, from whi !i we extract the following particulars:—The demand arose in New Plymouth with a Chinese dealer, Mr Chow Ching, who advertised for and first purchased the material; the merchants and traders ot the place, on inquiring of their correspondents in Sydney and other ports where Chinese merchants are established, finding that the article was in demand in any quantity in China, entered into the trade in competition with Mr Chow Ching, and bought of both settlers and f.ho Taori3. Further than this little more is known of it by them as an article of commerce. The price paid in Taranaki has been 2d to 2Jd per ft ; the quantity exported up to last March has been 145 hales, each containing 4501b5, in all about 65,2501b5. Twelve months ago the Hou W. For wrote to the Colonial Secretary, Hongkong, asking as to the «se3 to which the fungus is applied, and as to its marketable value in China. The following reply has lately been received, dated Hongkong, 11th Juns, 1873 :— Colonist , Issue 1730, 17 March 1874, Page 4

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