Sunday, April 3, 2011


SHING LEE Bidgway Street, Wanganui, and at WONG HONG KEW'S, Cuba Street, Wellington, Cash Buyer of Fungus (good price), Old Zind, Copper, &c, &0., GENEEAL GEOCEES, FRUITEEEES, TOBACCONISTS, AND CHINESE MEECHANTS. Just arrived, Silks of all colours A magnificent assortment of Chinese Force- clain, Crockery and Vases, hand-painted by the best Artists in China and Japan. Some Tea Sets, new, good, and cheap. ENLAEGEMENT OF PHOTOGEAPHS Persons wishing for a maginiflcent and everlasting picture .can obtain them at very reasonable prices by sending us the 'hoios, when we will guarantee them a beautiiul hand-painted enlargement by leading Photo Artist in China. Samples of such pictures may be seen on application. A Great Clearing Sale of Fancy Goods will be held for one month. All Goods at lowest prices, Wanganui Chronicle, Volume XXXVII, Issue 11887, 29 September 1893, Page 1

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