Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TOMORROW'S WRESTLING.Wong Bok Cheung, the clever Chinese wrestler, who arrived in' New Zealand this week from Australia, will make his first appearance of the season at the Wellington Shqw, Stadium tomorrow night against* ' George Walker, claimant of the British Empire title. In Australia,, as in New Zealand; Wong is a great favourite with the crowds.He is an expert at boththe dropkick and the flying tackle and his famous "King Foo stopper" hold is one of the most devastating in modern wresting. Since his last match Walker is stil the greatest drawing card in New Zealand wrestling. Particulars are advertised. Evening Post, Volume CXX, Issue 107, 1 November 1935, Page 3


After a season in New Zealand last year Wong Bok Cheung moved on to Australia and during the whole period since — winter and summer — has wrestled continuously in the Commonwealth States. Although, of course, of Chinese descent, Wong is really an American citizen by birth and he learnt all the tricks of the mat game in the States. Evening Post, Volume CXX, Issue 108, 2 November 1935, Page 22

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