Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wong Yung Leung

Melbourne- late 19th century, 2 Australian-born children returned to China in about 1906. Their father died in Australia. They lived with their father's first wife in Bakshek from 1906 until at least 1913. Did the children remain in China, returned to Australia, or possibly went to NZ. Their Australian mother made attempts to have them repatriated to Australia.

In Australia, the family went by the surname Wer Lee or Wir Lee.

Details of the family:
Father: Wong Yung Leung
Chinese wife: Lau Ching
Australian wife and children's biological mother: Beatrice Wer Lee (nee Nicholson, later Denham)
Son: Wong Fung Chai
Daughter: Wong Fung Lan

Brother of Wong Yung Leung (but different mothers): Wong Sai Hing
Wong Sai Hing ran a timber shop (On Lee) in Bakshek (c1913).

Brother of Wong Yung Leung: Wong Loi To
Wong Loi To ran a general store in Melbourne (c1913).

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